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Doors open 1200 November 06.

Event Starts: 1300

The address is: P4D Norges TCG Center Storgata 28 0184 Oslo

That day the shop is closed and is prepared for only Flesh and Blood Nationals Norway. 

48 seats made ready for a fight of epic proportions. 

Absolutely wild prizes for the Top players in the country!

Everyone should be welcome. 

For countries with newer, or smaller, player bases, the National Championship is designed to be both a competitive event, as well as a fantastic opportunity to be as inclusive as possible by making these events open-entry. We want to provide these communities with an opportunity to play in a Premier-level tournament, while also providing an opportunity to meet up with other players from your country in the flesh and blood and help grow the overall community.

Players who qualified via the Top 4 of a Road to Nationals event will automatically receive free entry to these events, while other players will be able to purchase a ticket to the event. Please note that tickets for these events will not be available until shortly after the conclusion of the current Road to Nationals season on September 5th.

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The second Kit of Season 5 of Flesh and Blood Armory kits is a look into the stark and mountainous world of Aria. Armory Kit Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity features cards from the set;  Tales of Aria .

Armory Kits set the theme of prizes for weekly Armory Events at your local game store. Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity makes his debut, using the Titan's Fist to protect Aria and your Local Games Store from interlopers!

From October 1st, players will have the opportunity to earn a Cold Foil version of Titan's Fist for winning their weekly Armory Event. Players in each Armory Event will also be rewarded for their FAB devotion with a Rainbow Foil Extended Polar Blast for participating and supporting their local community (while stocks last).

For the first time in the September kit, find a Rainbow Foil Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity Hero cards. These prizes are available as both participation and performance based prizes.

Deserving players from each community will have two chances to be awarded a People's Champion playmat, with each kit now featuring two mats featuring the artwork from Oaken Old, being awarded to the players who have contributed the most to their local community throughout that month.

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