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Pssssst! Hey you! Come and have fun with some art and culture! 


P4D organizes the Hobby of the Year - art and pop - cultural family oriented fair! 

Be with us in Ekeberghallen in Oslo on 10 and 11 September.  

The event is suitable for everyone, where we offer a range of activities related to the hobby environment and the art environment in one. 

P4D has also made it possible in this fair for you to meet well-known names in the artist community who have touched a whole generation with their art and will touch many generations to come through their art.  

Where, When and Who is the event suitable for?


Ekeberghallen in Oslo on 10 and 11 September.  

The doors open at 1100 and close at 2000 every day.  

Our goal is to create a fair that is family-friendly and suitable for all practitioners and those interested in the hobbies we offer activities within.  

We hope to see and meet everyone who wants to take part in this year's event. You are welcome to come any time during the opening hours, but we recommend that you come as early as possible to be able to take in all the great activities we have to offer. 

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What will you be able to do during the event?


 TCG game 

There will be organized activities to suit all levels of interest within the various hobbies. So you who are new to TCG (trading card game) will have the opportunity to learn how to play various TCG games, while you who are a veteran player will have the opportunity to compete against others for bigger prizes.  

P4D has the honor of organizing the Nationals for Flesh and Blood in Norway for the second year in a row and this will take place during the event.  

For those of you who want to be the Flesh and Blood tournament, prizes worth well over NOK 20,000 are up for grabs.  

We can't wait to see who wins! 

 If you don't play Flesh and blood, but like to compete in other tcg, fear not! Something will be arranged for you too! P4D facilitates smaller competitions in various TCGs such as Pokemon, Digimon and Dragon ball Z.  

Various prizes from goodie bags to bigger prizes will be up for grabs here! 


Disguise and costume will of course also be part of the timetable, where both a catwalk and a competition will be organised.  

There will be a lot to watch in the main stage at the event. Where one of the year's biggest Cosplay competitions is organized with big prizes for those who stand out extra. 

 We will also set up a photo stand where people can take pictures and create memories for life.


The artists   

Part of the program, and perhaps the highlight for some, will be greeting the artists who are a big part of our hobbies. A number of international and local artists have been invited to the event. Here you will have the pleasure of supporting your favorite artist or an up and coming local artist, by buying their personal and limited edition products. Possibly got a product signed that you may have owned before?

Discussion panels and live streams with selected artists will also be arranged.

Most worthy of mention here is Mitsuhiro Arita, who has made a name for himself internationally through his work.

This event has been put on pause for a long time due to the world situation, but when we are now ready to celebrate and share the hobby joy with all of you!  

(Mitsuhiro Arita was born in 1971 in Fukuoka Japan. He had been working as a freelance artist since 1986. The first project he worked on was the Pokémon Trading Card Game, and worked on it continuously for over twenty years. He also worked on Final Fantasy XI in age eleven and did concept design for the theatrical animated film BERSERK: The Golden Age I-III, books and magazines.) 


Collection, exchange & auction 

Do you have a collector's heart? Fear not, we have not forgotten you! A section of the room will be arranged for you who want to come into contact with other collectors and want to exchange your collectibles for others'. There will also be live streams on the main stage where there are opportunities to take part in the auction of various products within hobby and pop culture. 



Museum and art exhibition. Here you can see local and international artists put their art on display for you to enjoy. The museum part of this will be held by P4D where various iconic tcg products will be put on display. 


Food & Drink 

A corner of the room will be adapted to enjoy a treat or two with seating and tables.  

Stalls with different food offers will be present. 


Who is P4D ? 

We are a local hobby shop that has opened its doors to the community we want to create since 2017.  

Our goal is to provide a safe place where everyone feels welcome and respected in the pop culture hobby they choose to pursue. 

 Our main focus is on TCG games, RPGs and fantasy, but constantly expanding to new horizons.  

We organize tournaments for TCG players and you can often see us having live streams on Facebook and Youtube.  

You are most welcome in both our community and of course the event! 

 It will be a pleasure to share the hobby love with all of you! 

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 We look forward to seeing you at our event!

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