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  • P4D is the only approved partner of Ludkins USA, the largest PSA / CGC Partner in the World.  

  • Countless years of experience in the hobby, where we have done our part to build the hobby in the country for many years.  

  • CGC Premium Account with many benefits for everyone who sends through us in P4D such as fast return times.

  • The cards are fully graded in under or around 3 months from when the cards are delivered to us.

  • Over 7000 cards graded in total in the last 2 years with 100% delivery.  

  • Developed a new system specified and specialized for the Nordic region when it comes to grading valuable collectible cards. 

  • Company insurance policy on all cards from the time they are delivered to us in our head office until they are returned to you.  

  • A solution created from community to community.

  • Professional pre-grading of your cards before submission if desired.

  • Member's club with promos and discount codes

  • With us you can buy Pokemon cards for then and send them for grading through us.

  • You can buy Sealed Vintage packages directly through us for grading.

  • After you have placed your order, you can send the cards well packed with Norway's package to the address: PO Box 9037 Grønland, 0133 Oslo

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