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1 Introduction

All purchases at are regulated by the below sales conditions for consumer purchases of goods over the Internet. Consumer purchases over the internet are mainly regulated by the Contracts Act, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Marketing Act, the Right of Cancellation Act and the E-Commerce Act, and these laws give you as a consumer inalienable rights. The laws are available at The terms of this agreement are not to be understood as any limitation of the statutory rights, but set out the parties' most important rights and obligations for the trade.

The sales conditions have been prepared based on a template recommended by the Consumer Ombudsman - simplified and clarified.


2. The Agreement

The agreement consists of these terms and conditions of sale, as well as information provided in the ordering solution and any separately agreed terms. In the event of any conflict between the information, what has been separately agreed between the parties takes precedence.

The agreement is concluded between the seller POKE4DAYZ AS (Foretaksregisteret: 825 904 182) which operates under the name and the buyer - that is you. The agreement is binding for both parties when you, the buyer, have sent your order to us. This means that you are obliged to pay the total amount of the order by the stated deadlines and to accept the delivery when it arrives.

Our contact information:
Postal address: POKE4DAYZ AS, PO Box 9037 Greenland

0133 Oslo Norway.

Visiting address by appointment: storgata 28a 0184 Oslo Norway
Telephone office: 99999999 tel no come (Weekdays 12-18. Customer service via e-mail or Messenger).
Customer service:


3. Prices

The prices are stated in Norwegian kroner (NOK), including VAT and any other taxes. VAT is specified in the shopping basket, checkout and on the receipt. The total amount including shipping is always stated before payment. Additional costs that are not informed about before payment shall not be borne by you as a customer.

Sweden & Denmark
Stated prices in NOK include import taxes and any customs duties. You do not need to pay more when you receive the package.


4. Payment

You will be charged directly for a purchase from us. Also applies to Pre order products!!

You can choose to pay with Visa, Mastercard, Klarna invoice or Klarna partial payment. Klarna takes over responsibility for payment and follow-up once you have submitted your order. For questions about your invoice or partial payment - including postponement etc., please contact  Klarna  direkte.

You can also pay via Vipps.

The amount is normally reserved when ordering and is charged when the products are packed and shipped, unless otherwise agreed.


6. Shipping & Delivery time

We pack as quickly as we can and orders are usually dispatched the next working day (Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays) and then have a normal delivery time of 1-4 working days. Please note that shipping can take up to 5 days if you live in the outskirts of Norway or abroad and that unforeseen delays may occur.

We mainly use Bring and DHL Express for delivery, and you can pick up the packages from Posten or have them delivered to your home. Collection notices and other updates will be sent to you via SMS or e-mail, so it is important that correct information is provided when ordering.

The delivery is considered to have been made when the shipment has been received by you as the buyer or your representative. If the approximate delivery time is not stated in the order solution, delivery must take place without unnecessary delay and no later than 30 days after the order has been received. In the event of any delay, we will let you know.

Please note that express delivery is delivered by courier to your home, during the day Monday - Friday, mostly the working day after the order has been packed and sent from us. Here, too, the expected delivery is calculated from and including the day after we send the order. If you are unavailable for delivery, the package can be collected from your local collection point.

We assume that you provide complete and correct delivery information so that the order can be sent to you without problems. If you have provided incorrect delivery information, which means that the order does not arrive at the right place and is returned to us, this is treated as an undelivered package (see point 9.1 under right of withdrawal).


7. Advance order

If your order contains pre-ordered products, backorders or other forms of non-stock items, the entire order will be sent together when all the items have arrived in our warehouse. We give as far as possible an approximate date for when such goods will arrive at us, but must at the same time take reservations about availability from our suppliers (including possible allocation and cancellation) and possible delayed delivery to us.


8. Gift card

Gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of order and can be used immediately upon purchase. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or refunded beyond the right of withdrawal.

The gift card itself is sent to the selected recipient by e-mail immediately after ordering, unless you have specified a specific delivery date. If you do not enter the recipient's e-mail, you as the payer will receive the gift card yourself. This can be printed or used directly from the email.


9. Right of withdrawal

The item must be in the same condition in which it was purchased. With  unless the agreement is exempt from the right of withdrawal, the buyer can cancel the purchase of the item in accordance with the Right of Cancellation Act.

The buyer must notify the seller of using the right of withdrawal within 14 days of the deadline starting to run. The deadline includes all calendar days. If the deadline ends on a Saturday, holiday or bank holiday, the deadline is extended to the nearest working day.

The withdrawal period is deemed to have been met if notification is sent before the end of the period. The buyer has the burden of proof that the right of withdrawal has been exercised, and the notification should therefore be made in writing (right of withdrawal form, e-mail or letter).

The cancellation period starts to run:

  • When purchasing individual items, the cancellation period will run from the day after the item(s) have been received.

  • If a subscription is sold, or the agreement involves regular delivery of identical goods, the deadline runs from the day after the first shipment is received.

  • If the purchase consists of several deliveries, the cancellation period will run from the day after the last delivery has been received.

The withdrawal period is extended to 12 months after the end of the original period if the seller does not inform the seller before the conclusion of the agreement that there is a right of withdrawal and a standardized withdrawal form. The same applies in the event of a lack of information on terms, deadlines and procedures for using the right of withdrawal. If the trader makes sure to provide the information during these 12 months, the cancellation period still expires 14 days after the day the buyer received the information.

When using the right of withdrawal, the goods must be returned to the seller without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the notification of the use of the right of withdrawal being given. The buyer covers the direct costs of returning the item, unless otherwise agreed or the seller has failed to state that the buyer must cover the return costs. The seller cannot set a fee for the buyer's use of the right of withdrawal.

The buyer can try or test the goods in a proper way to determine the nature, properties and function of the goods, without the right of withdrawal being lost. If the examination or testing of the goods goes beyond what is reasonable and necessary, the buyer may be held liable for any reduced value of the goods.

The seller is obliged to repay the purchase price to the buyer without undue delay, and no later than 14 days from the seller receiving notification of the buyer's decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. The seller has the right to withhold payment until he has received the goods from the buyer, or until the buyer has submitted documentation that the goods have been sent back.

9.1 Uncollected Package

When delivering to a collection point, you have 14 days to collect the package before it is returned to us. Failing to pick up the package or refusing receipt is not the same as using the right of withdrawal, and this will be invoiced to you as the customer with NOK 350 to cover additional costs and return shipping.


10. Shortage of goods or delivery

If a delivery is sent incorrectly or contains defects, we will do our utmost to correct the problem. The same applies if the order should be lost during shipping. In cases where we cannot correct the error, we will offer an alternative solution or refund the order. This assumes that we have received the necessary and correct information when ordering. Poke4dayz AS cannot be held responsible for any additional costs/expenses/losses caused by a delayed, lost or incorrectly sent order.

If there is a defect in the product, you must notify us within a reasonable time or no later than 2 months after it was discovered or should have been discovered. Complaints can be made no later than two years after you took over the item. If the product or parts of it are intended to last significantly longer than two years, the complaint deadline is five years.

In such cases, you can choose between having the defect rectified or a new delivery of an equivalent item. We have the right to object to the claim if implementation is impossible or causes us unreasonable costs. Correction or redelivery must be made within a reasonable time and at no extra cost to you.

We must make reservations that the information in product images does not always illustrate the product perfectly. In some cases, there may be changes to the packaging and colors may appear differently on different screens. The product's title is what applies if there are any discrepancies between the title, description and image.

If the seller does not deliver the goods or delivers them late in accordance with the agreement between the parties, and this is not due to the buyer or circumstances on the buyer's side, the buyer may, in accordance with the rules in Chapter 5 of the Consumer Purchase Act, withhold the purchase price, demand performance, terminate the agreement and /or demand compensation from the seller.

In the case of claims for default powers, the notification should be in writing for reasons of evidence (


11. Personal data

Unless you agree to something else, in line with the Personal Data Act, we can only obtain and store personal data that is necessary for us to be able to carry out our obligations under the agreement. Your personal data will only be disclosed to other parties if it is necessary for implementation, or in statutory cases. Including providers of services within operation, maintenance and other technical solutions. For more information see our  privacy policy .


12. Subscription & Payment Agreement

If you want to automatically re-order a product or service, you can choose to start a subscription, also called a payment agreement.

With such an agreement, you get product(s) or service(s) delivered immediately and then at the selected frequency until you terminate the subscription. You can end your subscription whenever you want without charge, no later than the day before renewal. If you do not end the agreement in time, you will be invoiced for a new period.

You can choose to pay with Klarna invoice (pay later) or with Visa & Mastercard. When using an invoice, you will not stop the agreement by failing to pay. In the event of late payment, a penalty fee, interest and possible debt collection process are incurred in accordance with the applicable legislation and the agreement entered into with Klarna.

Termination and administration is done by logging into the customer profile or by   contacting us . You will not be reimbursed the amount already invoiced beyond any right of withdrawal. For the right of withdrawal, the general conditions per point 9 apply. In the case of a partial return of deliveries with several items, you will lose any package discount and will be invoiced at the ordinary price for the item(s) you keep. If you return everything, you will be refunded everything, but you must cover the return cost.

We reserve the right to stop subscription and delivery if payment is rejected, the authorization expires, or if you can no longer be considered creditworthy by our payment provider (when using an invoice).

Subscriptions and payment agreements require you to have a customer profile on

 If you are not logged in when paying, we will automatically create a customer profile for you.


13. Conflict resolution

Any complaints are addressed to us within a reasonable time. We will try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, you as the buyer can contact the Consumer Council. The Consumer Council is available on phone 23 40 05 00 or .

1. Conflict resolution

Complaints must be addressed to the seller within a reasonable time, cf. points 9 and 10. The parties must try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation. Forbrukerrådet er tilgjengelig  på  telefon 23  400  500  eller_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The European Commission's complaints portal can also be used if you wish to lodge a complaint. It is particularly relevant if you are a consumer living in another EU country. The complaint is lodged here: .

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