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Psa Terms at poke4dayz as 

We reserve the right not to accept your cards for grading regardless of who you are. 

We reserve the right to cancel your order for psa once it is placed without prior notice.  

When the cards have been received by us in our premises, you will be notified of this.  

When you sign up for joint submission through P4D, you approve our terms for grading through us at poke4dayz AS.  

Our Terms:  

  • Cards submitted for grading are stored safely in a safe on our premises until all cards are received for a joint submission.  This process can take up to 8 weeks.  

  • When you deliver cards for grading with us for psa Private submission, your cards will be processed within 14 working days and sent on for processing at Psa.  

  • Cards submitted for joint grading are first collected until there are 500 cards collected before the joint submission is sent out further. This can take up to 8 weeks.  

  • Cards submitted for joint grading have a standard cost of NOK 250 per card if nothing else has been agreed.  

  • Pre-grading per card is NOK 15 if nothing else has been agreed.  

  • Cardsaver+ new sleeve costs NOK 6 per card if nothing else has been agreed. 

  • When you submit your cards to Poke4dayz As for grading, you approve our terms for our process.  As well as that you approve Psa's rules and their return times and  Upcharges which may possibly occur for grading through psa.  

  • Psa's return times can vary drastically on bulk submissions and are delayed and the process at psa can take up to a year.  

  • You cannot cancel a grading order after the process with us has started. If you want your cards back from us before they have been sent out, you must get in touch within the first 8 weeks from when you have received confirmation that the cards have been delivered to us at Poke4dayz AS. There will be a fee of NOK 15 per card if the order is canceled within that time. 

  •  We point out that we handle a lot of cards and that Psa processing time can vary drastically from order to order depending on interest.  

  • If you want a higher priority, please use the Psa Privat service.  

  • Psa private means that only your cards are processed per order that is entered. 

  • No other cards are registered but yours and this allows us to process and process this order faster. 

  • Psa has its own rules and conditions

  • CGC has its own rules and terms

  • BGS has its own rules and terms

  • Poke4dayz as has its own rules and conditions. We adhere to all their rules and conditions and advise our customers who want to grade their cards through the various grading companies to familiarize themselves with their specific rules and conditions. Where we Poke4dayz as maintain can only convey our own. 

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