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PRE ORDER Pokemon: Chilling Reign 3 pakke blister EVVEE

PRE ORDER Pokemon: Chilling Reign 3 pakke blister EVVEE

SKU: preorder02CR

Forventet på lager : 18-06-2021

Pre order idag og få varen din til en fin pre order pris !

Kommer til å være en av årets største releases av Pokemon Company.

Vil være en stor begrensning på mengder tilgjenglig når settet slipper ut! 


The all-new Pokémon Chilling Reign -  all of the new Sword & Shield 6. Each pack contains 10 cards. The Pokémon Company International has officially unveiled our sixth main set, Sword & Shield TCG. This set is the set that will be released after Sword & Shield 5 Battle Styles.

Sword & Shield 6 Info - Pokémon Chilling Reign

The Pokémon Company has just announced the name of an upcoming Pokémon: Trading Card Game expansion: Sword & Shield - Chilling Reign Booster Box.

While all eyes are on Battle Styles, due out later this month, the name 'Chilling Reign' does hint at a few things about where the game will be headed in June. Since Battle Styles is essentially an adaptation of the Sword & Shield video games' Isle of Armor DLC, it's safe to assume that it modifies the Crown Tundra DLC instead.

Like its supposed Japanese counterparts, Silver Lance and Jet-Black Poltergeist, it is almost certain that Chilling Reign's mascot Pokémon will be Calyrex, Glastrier, and Frostrier. That makes the name of the set even better, as Calyrex is modeled after kings (complete with a huge crown), while 'Chilling' can describe both Glastrier's Ice and Ghost typings!

It's also possible that the set, like the DLC, has an emphasis on Legendary and Mythical Pokémon. I wouldn't be surprised if we see quite a few Legendaries more than usual in this set. However, this is all still speculation and we probably won't know more about the set until Battle Styles has been out for a while.


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